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Wood stainingA Rated Painters delivers high quality and durable finishes using only the best staining products on the market.  Our skilled professionals will also consult you with your staining needs.  The following are some of the highlights of our staining service.


  • A sample of the full finish will be provided to you before the work begins to ensure that you are satisfied with the finished look.
  • Sanding will always be done “with the grain”, in other words: uniformly with the grains of the wood. When sanding against the grain, or in multiple different directions, wood can be damages and will lose detail.
  • Knowledge of using the right product on the right type of wood is always important. We have trained professionals for consultation always readily available.
  • Many different techniques are used to accent the grain of the wood to highlight all of the unique characteristics of each piece of wood.
  • Colors will be matched to the correct intensity and patina to blend evenly with the already existing finish.
  • We use only the best quality clear coating products that are guaranteed not to yellow over time.
  • Light sanding is done after every coat until the finish is applied to ensure the smoothest surface possible.

Health and Safety

  • A Rated Painters only uses low VOC, environmentally friendly “green” products. As always, these are the top-of-the-line products.
  • Waterborne stains and polyurethane resin clear coatings are normally used.
  • Non-toxic lacquer or solvent based products will commonly used for wood finishing unless otherwise noted.


  • Advanced technology waterborne polyurethane resin clear coatings that are normally used are both safe and durable.
  • Scuff and abrasion resistant and extremely washable.
  • No chipping, flaking or any other imperfections.


  • Depending on the job a spray finish or hand-crafted brush finish will be provided.
  • Staining can be done to decks, cabinets, doors, trim, paneling, furniture, and more.


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