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Power Washing

Power Washing

Before you apply a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home, deck or other exterior surfaces, one of the important steps to take is power washing (or pressure washing).

Why do we power wash before we begin painting?


Paint will not properly adhere onto surfaces which are covered by mildew and other types of dirt. The very first step in the process to exterior painting in power washing the surfaces. Paint applied onto dirty surfaces may not adhere correctly. Without a proper power washing, the finished product will not meet the high quality standards of an A Rated Painters paint job.

How does power washing work?


The power washer cleans with a pressurized jet of water mixed with cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is applied first and will be allowed 10 to 15 minutes to set in. After that, the solution will be pressure washed off with a jet of just water alone.

You may notice that the pressure from the power washer may knock off some of the loose paint that otherwise would be scraped during the prep phase of your paint job, and this is normal. During the prep phase, the remainder of the loose paint will be scraped off with the proper tools used for scraping.

After the power washing is completed it will take at least 24 hours for the surface to be dry enough for painting. If painting begins too soon, it can cause blistering. This is caused by moisture being trapped under the painted surface. The humidity being released from the surface gets trapped underneath the dried coat of paint and can make a bubble, or blister.

Rainy and humid weather can also slow the process of drying. A wood moisture meter can be used to ensure that the surface is dry enough to be ready for painting.

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