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Painting Tips from the Wall Wizard

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Painting Tips from the Wall Wizard

Home Painting Tips

Need some painting tips before you start your next project.  One great tip is to hire A Rated Painters to do the perfect job every time. You will be glad you did.

Not sure how to choose a color, prepare a room, or clean a paintbrush? Learn some practical and unusual tips from Brian Santos, the nation’s favorite painting expert.

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  • How to Test Paint Colors

    Q. What is the best way to try a color before you paint, and why does paint sometimes look different from the paint chips?
    Brian Santos: You probably selected the color by looking at it under a different type or intensity of light than what’s in your room. Sunlight, daylight, fluorescent light, halogen light, and incandescent light affect colors differently. So bring the sample card into the room you intend to paint and look at it several times during the day. See how the color looks using different kinds of artificial light before making a final decision.

  •  Low Sheen or High Shine?

    Q. What’s the best paint finish or sheen for my room?
    Brian Santos:
    One factor you must consider is sheen, the degree of light reflection off the painted surface. In other words, how much the paint shines. Sheen affects the finish’s appearance, durability, and suitability for certain uses. As the amount of sheen increases, so does the enamel value, which determines the hardness or protective value of the coating.

  •  Use Color to Solve Problems

    Q. How can I use paint color to trick the eye and solve decorating dilemmas, like falsifying the dimensions of a room?
    Brian Santos:
    Your paint selection will depend on the result you desire. For example, if you plan on painting the walls white throughout your home, use the same value of white in every room for a unifying effect.

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