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What Does House Painting Cost?

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What Does House Painting Cost?

Many Things Determine House Painting Cost

House Painting Cost Newton MAIf you’ve considered having your home repainted, but postponed it because of pricing and budget uncertainties, here’s what you need to know. Even though every house painting job’s purpose is to give your interiors a new look, each painting company will have their own steps and methods for execution of the work. Knowing specifically what’s involved will help you save a few bucks in the process.

Supplies and paint consist of about 1/5 of the total costs of having a house repainted. The remainder covers the costs of labor. The paint price will generally be factored into the job, but you should make sure what kind of paint is being used. This can stop a painting company from using cheap paint in order to trim the expenses. Quality paint might be more expensive, but in the long run, it will save you money since it’ll last longer on your walls. In fact, quality paint has a seven year lifespan, on average, while a cheaper priced paint might only last four.

What’s Involved in the Prep Work?

Each painting company will do some prep work prior to painting your walls. Prep work involves cleansing the walls of older paint, dirt, grease, cobwebs, and the like. Pressure washers are may be used if you are having your exteriors painted as well. Some sanding, scraping and caulking might also be involved. The amount of work required for the prep work will influence the final house painting cost. A coat of primer may be required to thin out and remove older paint, which can also raise the cost of the job.

Does Your Exterior Need Repairs?

If your trim or siding has rot or water damage, they will need to be primed and repaired. If the work isn’t broad, a painting company may add this to the prep work. Altering your exterior’s color from dark to light will require additional coasts of primer and paint. These details may seem minor, but they amount to additional expenses and labor, and as such, the cost of the job will indeed rise.

Be mindful that any painting company can redecorate your house, but if you want it done with quality materials and workmanship, you’ll need to do some research and isolate well-reviewed contractors serving your city. Remember, every painting company works differently, and no two interior or exterior painters are alike. Be sure to find out every single cost of the job, including potential added costs while work is in progress. Check out pictures on painting company’s websites, and get referrals whenever possible.

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