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Professional House Painters Can Increase Your Home Value

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Professional House Painters Can Increase Your Home Value

Hiring Pros to Paint Your House Produces a Strong ROI

If you’re considering selling your home, but are worried about its current aesthetics, there are a number of ways to rejuvenate it. Old and tired houses can get easily get a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Your house will look more appealing and modern, increasing its property value in the process. Exterior and interior painting jobs produce strong ROIs (Returns on Investment). A freshly painted home will attract more buyers and influence offers especially if the home is painted by professional house painters.

Painting the Exterior of Your Property

Professional House Painters Newton MAStrong first impressions are critical when it comes to a viewing of your home. A buyer’s first impression is going to begin with the exterior of your home. Ensure that the front area of your house is pristine. Poorly maintained houses, particularly ones with dated paint jobs, will minimize the true value of your property. Having your exterior painted nicely can raise ‘curb appeal’, and also separate your home from the others on your block.

You can’t go wrong with neutral colors, as they tend to appeal to just about everyone. Bold colors are striking, but they might make your home look like one to stay away from. If you want to make your property subtly stand out, try adding a bolder tone to the trim of your exterior only.

Interior Painting Benefits

If buyers see peeling paint on the interior of your walls, it will suggest that the rest of the home is just as unmaintained. Wallpaper can also scare a buyer away, as it can make the house look trendy, if not stylistically outdated. We suggest selecting neutral, light colors for both the exterior and interior of your home. Light colors have the ability to make a room appear bigger than it actually is. When a house is painted with neutral colors, buyers will be able see themselves living within it, without any influence from you or your belongings. Refrain from using bold colors for entire rooms, as they can make a room look small and narrow.

Professional House Painters Are Quick and Efficient

If you determine that your home could use a fresh coat of paint, you should have your walls repainted prior to listing it for sale, specifically before any pictures are taken of it. For a quick and effective painting job, hire professional house painters. They will come prepared with the experience and equipment necessary to finish the job efficiently.

You may opt to paint your own walls, or split the project’s work between you and a painting contractor. For instance, you might handle the ceilings and trim, and have a painting company sand, prime, strip and paint the walls.

If you paint your own home, be sure to make smooth any cracks or blemishes on the walls first. Plaster, putty and primer will help to provide a clean finish. This might sound tedious, but it can make a huge difference on the final look of your home. Applying primer will ensure your paint coats are balanced, reducing work, lowering expenses and saving time. Always remember to use drop-sheets, and tape-up the areas you don’t want painted. This will prevent a cumbersome clean-up process.

If you determine that the entire house doesn’t require a fresh coat of paint, consider touching up areas that could use a refreshing look. These areas may include the window sills and door frames, which are constantly exposed to weather conditions, not to mention the sun, which can take their toll on the durability of your existing paint.

A fresh coat of paint will raise the asking price of your home. Neutral paint can make it look like the most expensive house on your block. A good job from professional house painters will suggest that the property is well maintained, and leave buyers with a strong first impression of it.

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