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A Rated Painters Exterior PaintingA Rated Painters guarantees professional quality painting for both the interior and exterior of your home. Exterior painting may differ in many ways than an interior paint job, but we always take great care of your home the same whether we are inside or out.

Your exterior painting project can be scheduled during the New England painting season which is generally when temperatures are steadily above 35°F with no precipitation. We use only premium products when painting your home, however some customers prefer to select their own brand and we’d be happy to consult you in doing the same.

Exterior PaintersA Rated Painters uses a system that is designed to give you the best quality exterior paint job on your home. Below are the detailed steps that we generally use when painting the exterior of your home:

Our Exterior Painting System

  1. Wash – Before any prep or paint work begins, the area being worked on will be power washed to remove all dirt and mildew. Without power washing, paint will not properly bond to the surface.
  2. Preparation – The prep work that needs to be done will be stated on your proposal. All loose paint will be scraped from the surface. Other preparation includes patching, sanding and caulking where needed to ensure the best quality finish.
  3. Paint – After the area is fully prepped, the paint work begins. Areas are primed where needed before applying a coat of paint. The painting process is not complete until you, the customer, are completely satisfied with your paint job!
  4. Clean Up – Clean up on the job site is done on a daily basis. Our tools and materials will be stored neatly in an area of your choosing. Paint chips will be removed from the area as well as any other trash from our materials.
  5. Inspection – All work done will be fully inspected to make sure that it meets our high standard for top quality craftsmanship and to ensure that all work listed your proposal has been completed accordingly.

* The job is never done until it receives your approval. Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of our company. We believe that building relationships with our customers builds the future of our company.

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